Help and Frequently Asked Questions

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Browser & System Requirements
Supported Browsers:
Internet Explorer (versions 6 and up)
Mozilla Firefox (versions 1 and up)
Netscape (version 7 and up)
Opera (version 8 and up)
Safari (version 2 and up)
Mozilla Firefox (version 1 and up)
Camino (version 1 and up)
Netscape (version 7 and up)
Most versions of AOL use supported versions of Internet Explorer browser
Screen (Monitor) Resolution:
Gallerama is optimized for a minimum monitor resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Users with monitors set to lower resolution will still be able to view and use the site, but may have an unintended and/or unpredictable experience.
Storage and Free Space
How is my free space calculated?
Gallerama automaticaly creates multiple versions of your photos. Of these, only the Original file and the Standard Web version (maximum width or height of 740 pixels) are subtracted from your free space. Additional versions of your images are stored free of charge and include different types of thumbnails, specific versions created for only your gallery covers, temporary versions created when generating printable files, photo modifications, etc.
File Uploading and handling
Which file types are supported?
Gallerama currently supports the following file types: JPG, GIF and PNG. Additionally, ZIP archive file types are supported for uploading multiple images at once. Other, non supported files will be ignored. Archive files are deleted after the supported files contained within them have been processed.
Why does the upload take so long?
The upload speed is largely based on the speed of your internet connection. If your uploads take long, you may want to upload fewer files at a time.
What processing is applied to my original files?
No processing is applied to your original files during upload. Your file remains in its original state until you choose to delete it, or apply additional processing to it such as Rotating. Please be aware that most web-friendly file formats (such as JPEG) are compressed formats and applying modifications (such as Rotation) will result in minimal, but permanent loss of quality. This loss is usually negligible. Also note that your original file's name is appended with a numerical prefix, to allow you to upload multiple files with the same name, and for organization of data on Gallerama's servers.
Making Your Galleries Public or Private
What is the default security state of my galleries?
By default, all galleries are unprotected however there are no links to them. You can share them by copying the website address (URL) of each gallery and distributing it. To protect your galleries, you must select the "Is Protected" option and specifiy a password in My Galleries: Detailed View
Featuring Your Galleries
How do I feature my gallery on the homepage and the Featured Galleries page?
To feature a particular gallery on the homepage and the Featured Galleries page, check the "Add to Featured Galleries" option in the application ("My Galleries - Quick Edit") view. Please note that you cannot feature galleries which are empty or protected. We reserve the right to remove your gallery from the Featured Galleries if its cover photo is deemed inappropriate. For more information, please read our Terms & Conditions.
Is there a limit to the number of galleries I can "feature"?
No. You can feature as many galleries as you like.
How are the Featured Galleries selected?
The galleries featured on our homepage and on the Featured Galleries page are selected randomly.
Organizing Photos and Galleries
A good way to organize your photos is to create galleries based on the subject or the event they capture, and then store galleries of similar subjects into a gallery group.