About Gallerama

What is Gallerama?

Gallerama is a cloud-based photo management app which provides:
  • Permanent and secure storage of original, high-resolution photos
  • Simple but sophisticated tools for organizing growing photo collections
  • Environment for sharing and showcasing photos through elegant and customizable galleries
  • Community of photographers tied thorugh photography topics, techniques and subjects
Solving the media management problem

Built from the ground up as an application and using the latest web technologies, Gallerama's purpose is to free your photos from local hard drives and burned discs which make them difficult to manage and virtually impossible to share by instead offering a much more flexible habitat for them: the internet. Once uploaded to Gallerama, original, high-resolution photos can be stored securely and — since on a global medium accessible from anywhere, anytime — shared with whomever the member chooses to. Designed to simplify management and presentation of a large and growing number of photos and galleries, the high-performance, intuitive interface is the heart of Gallerama.

Gallerama is integrated with Amazon's S3 service which allows it to offer its members unmatched, scalable and secure storage.

What makes gallerama unique?

While many currently available alternatives on the web are either store-fronts for printing services, strictly photo sharing sites or social-networks of everyday shooters, Gallerama's focus is on the photographer and his or her presentation of their own, unique body of work.

We see our members' Gallerama pages as their own photography websites. As such, our focus from the beginning was to build a system which provides a high level of customization options. Photos and galleries are always available for download in their original state. DVD and CD backups will be available for order as well. High quality printing at home is also provided and members can extend that service to whomever they choose.

Lastly, Gallerama is a community of photo enthusiasts and every-day shooters alike, linked by shared interests and photo subjects, camera techniques and much more.

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